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Nevada is quite open to online gambling expansion. The first US state to start issuing interactive poker licenses, Nevada also offers intrastate online sports betting options and is home to numerous licensed casinos and pari-mutuel betting opportunities. Besides, it is quite safe for residents to gamble at offshore online gambling sites.

If you're looking for comprehensive info about legal gambling in Nevada and online gaming laws, you've come to the right place! Besides answering the question of whether it is legal for residents to gamble in Nevada, it also discusses the legality of gambling at Nevada friendly offshore online gambling sites.

What Do The Nevada Gambling Laws Say?

Nevada is one of the best US states for recreational as well as professional gamblers because it offers a wide range of regulated gambling activities in hundreds of licensed casinos. Nevada guards its regulated gambling industry with a set of strict gambling laws, some of which even address online gambling.

Section 463.0153 defines gambling as dealing, operating, conducting, or carrying on any game or running “an inter-casino linked system.” Interestingly, this law talks only about operating games, and not playing a game. NRS 463.0152 gives a very broad definition of the word “game” as any game that is played with equipment, dice, cards, electronic and electromechanical devices for real money or anything else of value.

Nevada never penalizes players for illegal gambling, but the punishment for individual players caught cheating in Nevada’s land-based casinos is quite severe. The law lists penalties for almost every type of cheating imaginable, and those found guilty of cheating the casinos will find themselves facing a class B felony.

Nevada’s gambling laws also address the issue of online gambling. Section 465.093 states that it is a misdemeanor to send, place, relay, or transmit bets to anybody based in or outside Nevada. Section 465.092 goes on to say that it is illegal to receive bets made online. While this would definitely make online gambling illegal in Nevada, it is heartening to note that Nevada never prosecutes residents for gambling at offshore online gambling sites.

Besides, Nevada has recently created a regulatory framework for online poker and has begun issuing interactive poker licenses.

Since Nevada is one of the four US states permitted by federal laws to legalize sports betting, online sports betting is also legal in the state.

So, Is It Legal To Gamble Online In The State of Nevada?

Gambling is legal in Nevada, but only in state-licensed gambling facilities. The state has hundreds of licensed casinos, which offer a wide range of casino games. Nevada also attracts millions of bettors because of its legalized sports betting facilities. Residents can also legally place bets on dog racing and horse racing events. Social gaming and some forms of charitable gambling are also legal in Nevada.

Intrastate online sports betting and online poker are legal in Nevada. Currently, the state has very few online sports betting and online poker options for residents, but it is safe for residents to play real money games and bet on sports at offshore online gambling sites. So far, Nevada has not prosecuted its residents for gambling online at un-regulated websites.

Nevada's Online Gambling Laws For Internet Betting

Nevada is well-known for gambling in the state. But only recently did the notion of gambling online become legalized by the state legislature. Governor Brian Sandoval spearheaded the campaign to legalize online gambling, passing in 2013 Assembly Bill 114. Two years earlier, Nevada lawmakers passed a bill that would have put online gambling into motion should the federal government legalize the practice. Since that did not take place, Nevada decided to take its own action.

Nevada Assembly Bill 114

AB 114 legalized online gambling for residents + visitors of legal age in Nevada. In addition to legalizing Internet gambling, AB 114 also leaves the door open for Nevada to enter into compacts with states that also choose to offer it. States that have legal online gambling include New Jersey and Delaware. As it stands, only online poker is regulated in Nevada. There are no online casinos operating in the state, but the language of AB 114 leaves the door open for that to occur.

Future Nevada Web-Based Gambling Legislation

Currently, there is no pending legislation relating to online gambling in Nevada. However, depending on how New Jersey, Delaware + any other states legalizing Internet gambling decide on compacts there could be new votes coming. That would be the next logical step for the expansion of the industry in the U.S.

Legal Gambling In Nevada

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